Invalidating list iterator

23-Jun-2017 10:27

Then use the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement to re-create the materialized view.Thereafter, use the DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW command rather than the DROP TABLE command to drop a materialized view.Cause: This member was evicted from the group by another member of the cluster database for one of several reasons, which may include a communications error in the cluster, failure to issue a heartbeat to the control file, and so on.Cause: the current operation is not allowed because an undo tablespace containing active transactions is pending from a previous SWITCH UNDO operation.

Action: Use the DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW command to clean up the residual metadata for the materialized view.

Cause: An attempt was made to drop a level using the default or RESTRICT option in a dimension while references to that level remain in the dimension.

References can occur in hierarchies and attributes within the dimension.

This usually indicates an internal or operating system error condition. Cause: None of the specified queries can be successfully parsed.

The error may come from many sources: SQL syntax error or the owner specified by the load_workload() subprograms do not match the real user who generates the SQL statement.

The function should be marked DETERMINISTIC only if it always returns the same result value for any given set of input argument values, regardless of any database state or session state.